Thordon Small Ship Bearings™ (SSB)

Thordon Small Ship Bearings are designed to replace rubber, brass shelled bearings that have been used in GRP, Bronze, Steel or Aluminium housings.

It is expected that a Thordon bearing should provide double the life of a standard Rubber cutlass, Phenolic or Polyester bearing in the same environment.

If a Thordon SSB needs replacing one simply heats the bearing ID e.g. heat gun, and push out of the housing. Fitting a new Thordon SSB can then be interference freeze fitted, glued or press fitted into housing. Standard supply is freeze fit. Please advise option at time of order.A product guarantee of 4 years for commercial vessels and 8 years for pleasure craft applies – conditions apply.

Thordon SSB bearings are made from Thordon SXL material which is successfully used in a wide range of demanding environments, including Hydro turbines in which the bearings are expected to operate 24/7 for 20 years!

Bearings can be supplied off the shelf in standard sizes to suit 1” to 4” shafts (sizes range in ¼” increments) and custom sized bearings 12” and larger can be machined on request.